Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma
Japanese Name 青馬 剣之介 時貞
Romanized Name Ouma Kennosuke Tokisada
Age 16 (450) (17 in Kazoedoshi)
Gender Male
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown/Red
Likes Curry, Yukihime-sama
Dislikes Oni, Confinement, The Future
Personal Status
Status Active
School Tateyama International High School
Occupation Grongol Pilot, Samurai (Former), Student
Behind the Scenes
Japanese voice
Youhei Azakami
Anime Episode 1

Kennosuke Tokisada Ouma is the title character and the deuteragonist featured in Kuromukuro. A young man surrounded in mystery that appeared from inside the artifact "The Cube". He is a human of the past (roughly 450 years), who came out of the Cube and awoke in the present day. In order to protect the princess Yuki (voice: Aki Toyosaki), he fought with the beings known as "oni" (demons). He is the pilot of the Black Relic grongol or known as Kuromukuro.

Official description

A mysterious young man who speaks in the language of samurai. He seems to recognize Yukina.[1]


Kennosuke is a young muscular man, he has rough black hair and has dark brown/red eyes. His hair is spiky, and comes off to the right side. He also has a small ponytail at the back of his head. When not wearing his pilot suit, he is usually seen wearing his high school uniform, but sometimes when he is home he can be seen wearing a simple kimono.


Kennosuke is hot-headed, often reacting angrily and at times can be stubborn. Otherwise he is also strong willed and doesn't give up easily. Because of him coming from the past and awoken in the present, he had a hard time blending in with the society, curious about the modern clothes and thinking people were trapped in a box when in reality it was just a phone with webcam chat. He became a bit used to it as he can be seen calling people on his phone. He is a fast learner, altough he was from the past, he could learn English faster.


Kennosuke is skilled in swordmanship as seen throughout the episode. He wields an alien katana that could slice through the oni and the other foes but only he could do so, because the katana is linked with his ID. His katana sheath and handle are the same color as the Kuromukuro.

Beside swordmanship, Kennosuke also a skilled pilot, this was shown by how he could use and control the Kuromukuro with the help of Yukina. Although he was undergoing a deep sleep, his skill for using the relics still there, he was able to slay the first oni when he was given the chance too.


Kennosuke is shown to have feelings for Yukina and later on, decides to create a romantic relationship with her, although his method of romance is a bit blunt and unromantic.




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  • According to the show, Kennosuke's ability is Martial Arts and Kenjutsu.
  • Kennosuke's role is a mecha pilot and a samurai.
  • His favorite food is curry.


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